We strive to provide you, our customer the best quality tea cause we care about your health.

Donna's Divine Herbals and our suppliers are committed to preserving our planet by choosing to use recycled bags, sustainable farming practices and by supporting our local communities.

Wherever possible, we use Australian certified organic ingredients.

Our products are Gluten and Vegan free, unless otherwise stated.


EST. 2021


Donna Bridges

Donna's Divine Herbals is named and dedicated to our beautiful friend Donna Bridges who we sadly lost on January 9th, 2021. Donna was a trusting and loyal friend; she had time for everyone and always wanted to help. Donna began her own business Divine Herbals, just 4 months before she passed away and had so many plans. Donna may no longer physically be here with us; however, she remains in spirit and in all our hearts. Her visions continue to to be realised in Donna's Divine Herbals, a company where all her family and friends are welcome to share their love, memories, and stories about her. May she always be with us, helping others as she was in life. RIP Donna xxx